Site visit to Senegal

Sculptural studies

Mapping of experiences

Section of proposed building designed to integrate local materials, skills, crafts, and building techniques

Clay model of community center

Building plan of community center


Coleman Jordan Studio 2008 | Taubman College of Architecture + Urban Planning

The Passageways studio project incorporated interdisciplinary interests and community based development as a means to create a holistic development project in Africa. The source fueling this project were two clients with art-driven backgrounds who recently purchased property outside the rural village of Joal, Senegal. The studio course began with group-oriented design collaborations that later dispersed into individual interpretations for how the project could resolve as a development. My individual focus for the project emphasized illuminating a sense of spirit through layers of research, creative intuition, sculptural works, and personal encounters with the Senegalese culture. After returning from Senegal, the final architectural project was developed to explore the sculptural capabilities of integrating an earthy-based building structure with a surrounding landscape that relates to its form. As a result there is no definite exterior or interior spaces but rather a building that blurs those boundaries.

Art, Graphic Design, Architecture, Sculptural work